GWM Connects Global Owners, Shapes Global Owner Ecology

Beijing, China – On April 25th, GWM appeared at the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition to showcase its brand products and convey its brand image. For global owner groups, GWM launched a variety of owner services and activities at this auto show, focusing on global user groups and shaping the owner ecosystem.

At the GWM International Press Conference of this auto show, Head of GWM Global, VP of GWM Group, Parker Shi announced that GWM will focus on the needs of global users and launch a number of services. GWM Care service focuses on every part of the global owners’ car use, connecting them with global car owners with love and enjoy the infinite surprises brought by GWM together. The brand will work together with its partners to promote globalization and provide global car owners with a wealth of services such as tuning, cultural ecology, and global activities.

The brand will also release the GWM Life Program, which encourages global owners to show their own lifestyles and attitudes, and invites lucky car owners to China to participate in the Alxa Hero Festival in the Tengger Desert, to experience the biggest off-road cultural extravaganza in China together.

Owners are the solid partners of GWM’s global development, and also the source of confidence for GWM to promote the ecological overseas and accelerate the globalization of industrial deployment. In 2023, GWM has achieved the milestone achievement of selling more than 314,000 units in overseas markets. This achievement fully demonstrates GWM’s positive influence and development results in overseas markets.

The diversified product mix enables GWM to fully adapt to the specific needs of vehicle owners around the world. Under the guidance of the ONE GWM strategy, GWM introduces products to the global market that are suitable for regional environments and vehicle needs, and carries out in-depth localization and tuning of the products.

GWM focuses on global owner experience, combining the resources of various product line enthusiast groups to build a global owner experience brand, inspiring brands and Chinese automotive culture to go overseas, and deepening the interaction of global enthusiasts.

GWM is deeply rooted in the world and actively fulfills its social responsibility. In ASEAN and Latin America, GWM has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build factories in cooperation with local governments and provided a large number of local jobs. In South Africa and Australia, GWM has been deeply rooted in the local community, not only providing automotive products and services to local people, but also actively supporting local public welfare and cultural development.

In the future, GWM will continue to focus on the needs of global owners, shape the owner ecology, and jointly build a new achievement of GWM’s globalization development.

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