Books Are Our Best Friends : A Vibrant Journey Through Alphabets Enchant Young Minds

Esteemed Early Childhood Education (ECE) teacher and renowned author Bina Shrestha is set to inspire young readers with the release of her latest children’s book, ‘‘Books Are Our Best Friends.’’ This innovative addition to children’s literature is specially crafted for readers aged 2-6 and is poised to become an essential part of early learning curricula, particularly in Montessori and various other daycare settings.

Crafted with the tender love and dedication that Bina is known for, this book stands as a testament to her passion for nurturing young minds and her commitment to education. With a unique design tailored for Montessori and all types of daycares, it perfectly targets its intended age group, promising a blend of fun and learning that is hard to come by.

The book takes young readers on an enchanting journey through the alphabet, with each letter bringing to life a delightful story. From Alex and her red apple to Zebra with its black and white zigzag stripes, the characters and their adventures are bound to captivate and educate in equal measure. It’s an invitation to a world where letters and words are not just symbols on a page but gateways to imagination and discovery. Each letter of the alphabet unfolds into a delightful story, merging education with entertainment to foster a love for reading and learning from an early age.

Her dedication is mirrored in her involvement with several social and cultural organizations, reflecting a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of education and community engagement. This book marks a significant milestone in Bina’s illustrious career, building on her profound commitment to childhood education and her passion for nurturing the intellectual and emotional growth of young learners. 

Priced at US $ 9.99, this book represents an invaluable investment in a child’s developmental journey, promising to instill a lifelong passion for reading and exploration. 

The “Bina Shrestha” children’s book is now available for pre-order, promising to be a cherished addition to any young reader’s collection.

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About the Author

A resident of BC, Canada, since her migration from Nepal in 1998, Bina Shrestha has devoted her career to the education and development of young children. Apart from her role as an ECE teacher, Shrestha is an active community leader, serving as the Vice President of the Canada Nepal Friendship and Cultural Society and founding member of several social organizations. Her diverse contributions to the field, coupled with her active participation in various social causes, establish her as a pivotal figure in both educational and cultural spheres. With the launch of her new book, Bina continues to inspire, educate and aid in the development of young children.

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