The trends of autumn perfumery for the Profumeria D’Andrea

Autumn has arrived and we want to let ourselves be enveloped by warm perfumes, what are the trends of this season and how to buy online with confidence, here are some tips from the perfume advisors of Profumeria D’Andrea.

Milan, Italy, 17th Oct 2022 – The choice of perfumes, as well as for shoes and clothing is not only very subjective, but it is completely particular. As an essence is added to the odor of our body and a completely personalized fragrance is perceived, which varies from individual to individual. In fact, buying perfumes online does not allow you to adequately test the product and therefore makes the purchase a little less simple than the classic shops where you go “physically” and you have the order that, kindly, lends itself to our reflections and tastes, to recommend the most congenial aroma to us.

Added to this is the fact that a careless purchase on unsafe sites can lead to real fraud. Despite this, for those who already know a fragrance and go without fail, opting for one of the many digital stores, certified by the web, present on the net, can be economically very apt.

In the world of perfumery and cosmetics we have chosen to focus on niche references and on well-known and appreciated brands, without forgetting the most interesting news on the scene, says Profumeria D’Andrea a small but growing web and in-store operational reality of our land we propose the Acqua di Maratea, as a delight of Italy just to mention Acqua di Parma Quercia, Acqua di Taormina, Acqua dell’Elba, Eolie Abraxas.

But what are the autumn fragrances and how to buy online with confidence, here are the advice of the perfume advisor Antonio of  Profumeria D’Andrea


Autumn fragrances the advice of the perfume consultant


Autumn is coming with its fresh air, bright colors in shades of red, deep green and orange and with the earth that smells more than usual. After the exuberance of summer, this season brings with it intense and enveloping flavors, aromas and aromas. The first intoxicating scents you encounter in autumn are citrus fruits: oranges, lemons and mandarins.

The feminine perfumes in tune with the season are deep and decisive composed of warm and enveloping aromas that are more persistent and daring than the summer ones.

All the spicy fragrances of cinnamon, ginger, sandalwood, pepper, the whole range of oriental, amber and gourmand fragrances are perfect.

Among our favorites:


Yes Huile de Parfum by Giorgio Armani

A delicate and soft accord of cassis and creamy woods for a modern chypre, extremely elegant and pleasant, totally alcohol-free (does not dry the skin).


Black Opium Eau de Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent

An explosion of black currant, pear and mandarin peel. Only then do you also feel the jasmine and orange blossoms, coffee beans and even white musk, a riot of intensity.

Mc Queen Parfum, by McQueen

The fruity and musky notes of jasmine, sambac, tuberose and ylang ylang meet pink pepper and vetiver.


Men on the subject of perfumes and cosmetics prefer consistency and rarely vary their choice of perfume, compared to women who like to vary often, usually opting for must-haves rather than being tempted by the new, try

The favorite notes of the male audience are:

  • Notes of wood
  • Spicy notes
  • Smoky notes
  • Chypre notes.


So much space is given to sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, oud, cypress, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, cardamom, ginger, leather, wood, incense, tobacco, honey, resin, bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, rose.


How to buy perfumes online without having bad surprises?


Even before analyzing the individual tips, it is good to understand how online (not only for purchases) it is always necessary to have a certain prudence.

It is especially necessary because the purchase and use of a counterfeit product is not only illegal and ethically reprehensible, but also potentially dangerous for your health. In fact, “fake” products may contain irritating or toxic substances, which can trigger dermatitis or, worse still, serious diseases affecting the internal organs and are, cynically, used to reproduce the fragrance of the original perfumes.

1 – ALWAYS buy from a secure site

This goes far beyond simple perfumes, being a more generic discourse. For example, make sure that, for any type of monetary transaction, the HTTPS protocol is present on the digital store.

This should ensure a minimum of security that the site is trustworthy and not simply a way to steal credit card numbers.

Websites such as Profumeria D’Andrea, which has a large section of perfumes, one of the most important names in the world, are a guarantee of safety and reliability for each online profumery and Startup website.

2 – Don’t buy without knowing the product

Perfume samples are available for free in supermarkets and perfumeries. Anyone who purchases a fragrance, especially if it is expensive, it is good that he has previously tested the item and recognizes its name, the company that produces it, the quantity present in its container, whether it is pure essence or cologne, but also the same packaging. In this way you are sure not to make mistakes.

3 – Super discounts? Ask yourself a few questions …

Any type of product can be found online, but beware! Discounts of 40-50 or even 60% should be alarming, especially when it comes to branded products. A drastic reduction in cost should make you suspicious. They could be fakes or manipulated products. The product, after a few days, could almost totally lose the scent revealing itself to be a real fake.

4 – Watch out for counterfeits

Products with boxes that do not conform to the original, with slightly different and similar writings, are probably counterfeit, even in this case, the same is true of the previous point.


5 – Buy the testers

The testers are perfumes identical to those you buy in perfumery, despite being equipped with minimal packaging. These are real tests that are sent by companies to perfumeries and which, given their nature, can enjoy considerable discounts.

If these perfumes are not suitable for gifts, they can be ideal for personal consumption and save a lot of money. Of course, nowadays, a fair amount of experience is required to distinguish a fake from a tester.


In conclusion


The temptation to buy perfumes online is always very strong. Despite this, great care must be taken not to run into counterfeit products, if not real scams. The ideal, in this sense, is to rely on established sites and brands in the industry, waiting for the discount period in order to take advantage of the right moment and optimize the price. For the personal sphere, then, the testers’ solution is more than excellent for buying fragrances at affordable prices.

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