Southwestern Investment Group makes list once more

Southwestern Investment Group President Jeff Dobyns said being named one of Middle Tennessee’s Top Workplaces isn’t only imperative to his organization, he said it’s “beginning and end.”

“This means everything to us,” he said. “We put people first, and that isn’t a slogan or an empty promise. We truly think about how every action we take will affect our teams. They work hard to help our clients feel comfortable and heard while reaching their financial goals. They deserve so much. So, we’re thrilled to know that our employees benefit from the effort that we put into making Southwestern Investment Group a great place to work.”

From humble beginnings in 2002 to the present time, Southwestern Investment Group takes an incorporated, long haul way to deal with assisting customers to plan their monetary lives and assemble abundance. The organization says it conveys more than assist with speculation choices by setting aside the effort to know and comprehend a customer’s whole monetary picture while giving dependable and ardent cash the executives methodologies that will help them arrive at the objectives that make a difference to them.

“When we provide an excellent environment for our employees—and they feel supported and fulfilled—they will take the best possible care of our clients,” Dobyns added. “We don’t create a pressure-filled environment that focuses on sales alone. Our focus is educating our employees and doing right by them and by our clients. Southwestern Investment Group keeps everyone’s best interests in mind, without exception.”

What’s more, that notion is repeated by a portion of the 131 representatives, a large number of whom took part in the study that acquired Southwestern Investment Group its second sequential spot on this rundown.

“I will partake in having an enduring effect for our group and an enduring impression for our customers,” one worker expressed. “I feel paid attention to and esteemed for my work and get the chance to really have an effect in the existences of our customers every single day.”

Another representative featured the collective climate at Southwestern.

“Everybody in the workplace is continually able to offer you guidance or help you when experiencing a snag, regardless of whether they are not in your group straightforwardly or need to remove time from their day. There is such a feeling of brotherhood and cooperation.”

Dobyns said procuring a spot among Middle Tennessee’s Top Workplaces approves that the organization is accomplishing what it is taking a stab at, which is for Southwestern Investment Group to be a connecting with, steady climate for its groups.

“These types of designations let us know that we’re doing something right,” he said. “We’ll never stop trying to be better, but it’s great to know that we’re on the right track.”

As well as giving its groups the apparatuses they need to develop and be fruitful, Southwestern’s administration additionally has a solid spotlight on mentorship and expert advancement serving to consistently introduce new freedoms.

“We accept the tone comes from the top. Thus, our authority develops a culture of help, cooperation, and acknowledgment. We show others how it’s done and consistently stay with our’s qualities at the front line.

We work each day to live by our basic beliefs and, toward the day’s end, it’s all since we love what we do and individuals we do it for. At the point when we see that our representatives are profiting with those endeavors, we’re taking care of our responsibilities.”

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