Scrambly: A Rewarding App Discovery Platform Born in Italy

Bologna , Italy:-In the vast and often impersonal world of mobile entertainment, where games and apps are typically unearthed through a deluge of advertisements, **Scrambly** stands apart. This pioneering mobile web-platform and Android application, rooted in Italy and founded in October 2022 by Ukrainian entrepreneurs Oleksandr Hrankin and Illia Frantsevskyi, has ushered in a novel approach to app discovery. Amidst the backdrop of war in their home country, these founders have efficiently scaled Scrambly, amassing over 300,000 users in the United States and Canada, and distributing more than $1 million in rewards in just a year of existence.

## A New Era of Game and App Discovery

Scrambly turns the traditional ad-centric discovery model on its head by offering a more engaging and rewarding alternative. This approach eschews the constant barrage of ads for a system that values user time and interest, rewarding exploration and engagement with tangible benefits. Users are enticed to delve into new games and apps, not by pop-up ads, but by the prospect of earning rewards, creating a more satisfying and interactive experience.

## A Broad Coalition of Partners

The breadth and diversity of Scrambly’s offerings are the results of strategic partnerships with over 20 advertising partners. This includes alliances with esteemed gaming companies such as Playtika, Superplay, Everybuddy Games, and fintech firms like Uphold. These partnerships enable Scrambly to curate a rich selection of games and apps, ensuring users have access to a premium discovery experience that is as enjoyable as it is rewarding.

## Rooted in Italy, Serving North America

Scrambly may have been born from Italian innovation, but its growth and success have been realized in North America. The platform, accessible in the US and Canada, provides an inviting starting point with a signup bonus, making the experience of discovering new apps as straightforward as it is gratifying. The intuitive interface and the rewards system have resonated with users, setting the stage for future expansion.

## Looking Towards the European Market

With an eye on the future, Scrambly aims to extend its unique platform to the European Union in the coming year. This ambition to cross continents is driven by the desire to replicate its North American success and to offer European users the same rewarding experience that has defined its presence in the mobile app market.

## A Secure, Reward-Filled Journey

Scrambly’s reward system emphasizes transparency and security. With robust partnerships and a straightforward rewards system, users can earn with confidence. The one-time KYC verification for the first cash-out process is a testament to Scrambly’s commitment to creating a secure environment for its users to earn and enjoy.

From Italy to the broader North American market, Scrambly has introduced a revolutionary way for users to discover and engage with new apps and games. Its reward-based model, enhanced by significant partnerships with gaming and fintech companies, offers a compelling alternative to ad-centric discovery. Scrambly’s approach not only provides a more enjoyable discovery experience but also aligns with the interests of developers seeking engaged audiences. As Scrambly continues to grow and evolve, it remains a vibrant example of innovation and resilience in the face of adversity.

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