[2023] PIA S5 Proxy: Is it the best alternative to 911 S5 proxy?

United States, 8th Feb 2023, King NewsWireSince 911 S5 proxy shut down at the end of July last year, many other fast-growing proxy providers appearing on the market that claim themselves as the best alternatives to 911 S5 proxy. You may get overwhelmed by the sea of choices.

So to help you access the information of each proxy provider faster and can refer to perspectives from our experience and others before purchasing, a series of reviews are and will be “born”.  

If you’re interested in the PIA S5 proxy which is currently emerging in the market and considering purchasing it, how about reading our review first?

In this article, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of PIA S5 proxy as well as check to see their proxy quality.

Let’s dive deep into it.  

a. Pros of PIA S5 proxy 
• 150M+ excellent IPs worldwide
• Highest anonymity Socks5, http(S) protocol
• Meet the payment methods of global users
One of the advantages of PIA S5 proxy is supporting diverse payment methods to meet all different customer needs.

They include E-wallet, Alipay, Debit Card, Virtual Currency, and Virtual Currency-Self recharge. If you pay by using virtual currency, you can get an extra bonus of up to 350 IPs. 

•  Detailed filter 
Just like the same as 911 S5 proxy, PIA S5 proxy also has a very detailed filter when it comes to choosing a proxy. It includes country, state, city, ISP, and zip code. 

• Lifetime validity of proxy balance 
• Use 1 proxy to deduct 1 proxy balance
• Support for developer API
• Integrate with third parties

b. Cons of PIA S5 proxy
• Only provide residential proxy and shared proxy 
PIA S5 proxy specializes in providing residential proxies and doesn’t offer datacenter proxy. In case you want to buy datacenter proxy, you can research other proxy providers like My Private Proxy. 
• Absence of free trial and refund 
Unlike most other proxy providers, PIA S5 proxy doesn’t have a free trial plan for you to test. Therefore, you should buy the smallest package as possible to know how well it works. If their quality is good, then you can consider scaling up the next time. 
• Need to download and install client system operation 
To be able to use PIA S5 proxy, you need to download the client system operation, which is more complicated than others you just need to copy IP and port (username and password if needed) to be able to connect to proxy. This way is simpler and faster.  

Pricing Plans 
When comes to pricing plans, there are 4 types of packages that they offer to you consisting of professional plan, enterprise exclusive, and long-term residential.


For the professional plan, the lowest price is 48$ with 200 IPs, 0.24$/IP which is more expensive a little bit than the 911 S5 proxy with 0.14$/IP.

But the IP pool will be cleaner. Recently, 100M+ top-level residential proxy IPs have been added to provide you with a smoother experience.

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